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ubuntu 10.04 lucid installer

Ubuntu 10.04 live CD no longer asks you to choose if you want to try it out or install it using a GRUB menu (I hope that's what was used). Instead, it boots into a menu where you can select to install Ubuntu or just try it.

This isn't very new (I not exactly sure when this was introduced), but with all the news related to themes lately I've somehow missed this update.

I've recorded a video with this new Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx installer below

Note: I've used Ubuntu Netbook Edition for the video and screenshot because the Ubuntu Installer in the Ubuntu 10.04 daily ISO was a bit messy, with some elements not integrated very well (probably due to running in VirtualBox).

And since the video above is with Ubuntu Netbook Edition, I guess you already noticed that UNE already features the new Light Dark (Ambiance) theme as default.