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Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx new themes and logo were made public only a couple of days ago but there are already quite a few "goodies" available based on this new artwork.

Yesterday we say a beautiful BURG theme based on the new Radiance theme, but since then many artists have been playing with the new wallpaper, logo, etc. Read on!

Dichotomy GTK theme

dichotomy gtk theme

Dichotomy is a new work-in-progress GTK theme for the upcoming Lucid Lynx (10.04) release. All other theme elements (Icons, Pointer, Wallpaper & Metacity decoration) correspond to the new "Ambience" theme.

The purpose of this GTK theme is to integrate Ubuntu's original and distinctive identity (orange and brown) into Lucid Lynx's upcoming Brand refresh.

Download Dichotomy GTM theme

Ubuntu Light Re-Imagined GTK theme

ubuntu light re-imagined theme

The first release of the Ubuntu Light Re-Imagined mockup. It needs the latest Murrine and Autora GTK engines which you can install from the ElementaryArt PPA or WebUpd8 PPA.

Download (note: the themes cannot be installed the normal way for now so to use it, extract the first and then the second archive and copy the "Ubuntu Light" folder to the ~/.themes directory (/home/YOUR-USERNAME/.themes).

Pint - Ambiance & Radiance

pint ambiance radiance

This is an Emerald theme based on the mockup designed by WebUpd8 reader rAX.

Download Pint - Ambiance & Radiance Emerald theme.

Homosapien Ambiance and Radiance

homosapien radiance theme

The Homosapien Metacity customizer got two new styles: Ambiance and Radiance (as well as Blend, Dust, New Wave).

Head over to the customizer to create your own custom Homosapien Metacity theme.

Ubuntu Lucid Lynx Wallpapers

* If you want the original Ubuntu 10.04 purple wallpaper, get it from HERE.

Quite a few wallpapers were designed for Ubuntu Lucid Lynx the last couple of days, some only adding a logo to the original Lynx wallpaper, some creating a variation of the purple color and finally some orange wallpapers with the new Ubuntu logo.

The first one was created by Saleel Velankar and it was initially brown, but it was now changed to match the new Ubuntu 10.04 colors:

lynx wallpaper

Get it from HERE.

But maybe you want the original Lynx image (brown):

lynx brown wallpaper

Get it from HERE.

Next we have an wallpaper which looks a lot like the original Ubuntu 10.04 wallpaper, except it comes with the new Ubuntu logo and an transparent "Gnu/Linux" text on the side:

ubuntu 10.04 wallpaper logo

This wallpaper comes in two aspect ratios: 16:9 | 12:9 (I still don't understand why Ubuntu can't do that too).

If you hate purple, there are also 2 orange wallpaper variations which come with the new Ubuntu logo:

ubuntu 10.04 orange wallpaper


Both come in 1024x768, 1280x800, 1440x900, 1680x1050 and 1920x1200 screen resolutions. Download: the first orange wallpaper | the second orange wallpaper

Here is yet another wallpaper which is basically the original Ubuntu 10.04 wallpaper with the original logo:

original 10.04 wallpaper logo

Download it from HERE.

Another purple wallpaper with the original 10.04 logo:

ubuntu purple wallpaper

Download it from HERE.

Yet another purple variation with the new logo centered:

ubuntu 10.04 wallpaper


And finally, if you want to go Mac OS X all the way, get the original wallpaper:


Download it from HERE.