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homosapien metacity theme

The Homosapien Metacity theme (mock-up initially posted @ Ubuntu Lucid Artwork wiki) now has a Customizer which allows you to edit the base Homosapien theme so that it suits your taste.

Using the Customizer, you can change the colors, font size, padding, round corners, etc. The Customizer is web-based, meaning you can edit the theme right before you download it:

homosapien metacity customizer

Note: make sure you delete any existing Homosapien installed theme before installing the new one, or else you won't be able to install it (delete the Homosapien folders in your ~/.themes folder).

Here is an example of a customized Homosapien Metacity theme to fit the colors of the New Wave theme:

homosapien new wave

You can download the latest Homosapien Metacity theme and find a link for the Customizer @ gnome-look.org