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zaz 0.3.1

Zaz is an multi-platform (Windows and Linux) arcade action puzzle game where the objective is to get rid of all incoming balls by rearranging their order. The games seems really addictive, so be aware! :-)

To see what Zaz game is all about, watch this video (version 0.3.0):

Zaz 0.3.1 was released about a week ago and comes with level selection, profiles, improved rating system, survival mode and many other changes.

Zaz 0.3.0 is available on PlayDeb.net for easy installation in Ubuntu, but unfortunately Zaz 0.3.1 only comes as source files for now. But that's why I've created the Web Upd8 Launchpad PPA and that means that you can simply download Zaz 0.3.1 .deb files for Ubuntu Karmic:



Download Zaz 0.3.1 for Windows and source files.