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You may have heard of Andrew Wyatt, a lead developer for Eeebuntu which recently posted on his personal blog that he is fed up with Ubuntu and he will abandon the project.

Eeebuntu is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu, build for Asus EeePC which was awarded the Best New Project award for 2009 in the SourceForge Community Choice Awards.

Well, he is not abandoning Eeebuntu, but instead, Eeebuntu will switch to Debian. That's right, Eeebuntu 4.0 will not be created with Ubuntu as the core, but instead it will be build upon Debian Unstable.

It means that we will have more control of what is released. We will have greater flexibility in the applications and updates as we are building a dedicated EB4 repo, fully populated and maintained. By making this move we can offer you the latest and greatest applications, the latest Kernel and more importantly, stability. We can ensure that updates will not adversely impact the installed applications and utilities or break your installation.

says the announcement on the Eeebuntu forum.

Also, the developers have decided to expand the scope of Eeebuntu, which starting with version 4.0 will also be available for any laptop or desktop computer.

[via vivalinux]