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Speaking of KDE, I've just came across a how-to on the Ubuntu forums which explains everything you need to do to use Gnome with KDE Plasma Workspace, Compiz and Emerald.

Basically, you have to install some KDE packages (such as kde-minimal, compiz-kde, kdeplasma-addons, plasma-scriptengine-python, gtk2-engines-qtcurve) and then with the use of 2 scripts, you can switch between KDE Plasma and the normal Gnome Desktop (Compiz and Emerald included).

I followed the guide and even installed the KDE packages from the Kubuntu Beta PPA (which currently holds KDE SC 4.4 Beta 2) and everything went very smoothly.

Here is how my Gnome Desktop looks like, after applying the changes described in the how-to:

Gnome KDE Plasma

And another screenshot, taken by this how-to's author:

Gnome KDE Plasma

And the great thing is, you can always switch back.

You can find the how-to I was telling you about, on the Ubuntuforums.