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swiftfox 3.6

We are fans of Swiftfox here, at Web Upd8; here is why: Swiftfox is an optimized Mozilla Firefox which has different builds for different processors which makes it much faster than the normal Firefox because that's compiled to work for everybody, but not optimized for a specific processor architecture. For a lot more info on Swiftfox, see our initial article on Swiftfox.

Another reason to go for Swiftfox would be if you are having issues getting Firefox 3.6 to work (like this error). Also, Swiftfox comes with an Ubuntu repository so you can easily get updates (but only stable updates so you won't get pre or alpha builds like from Ubuntu Mozila Daily PPA - which is another great reason to use Swiftfox).

You can download Swiftfox from HERE. Ubuntu installation instructions (with a repository) can be found HERE.