Ubuntu / Linux news and application reviews.

  1. New Apt-Fast Version, Now With Full Apt-Get Syntax Replacement [Ubuntu / Debian]
  2. How To Create A .DEB Package [Ubuntu / Debian]
  3. Ubuntu Tweak 0.5 Finally Released
  4. Canonical To Bring Closed Source Apps Like iTunes And Photoshop To Ubuntu?!?!
  5. Nautilus Elementary: A Simplified Patched Nautilus For Ubuntu
  6. Web Based Ubuntu And Debian Custom Installation / Live CD Creation Service
  7. Install Gnome Activity Journal And Zeitgeist In Ubuntu, From A PPA
  8. A Look At Ubuntu Lucid Plymouth Themes [Screenshots And Short Video]
  9. Download "Undo / Redo" Patched Nautilus [Ubuntu .deb Packages]
  10. Fix Firefox 3.6 From The Ubuntu Mozilla Daily PPA: Dirname, Pwd And libxul.so Permission Errors

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