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We've seen many tools to see who unfollows you on Twitter (and alternatively, automatically unfollow them) - such as SocialToo, FriendOrFollow and so on, but some of those services either started charging for money or are simply unreliable / slow.

Once service has been working great ever since it was launched and is still free (weird that I've never written about it): Tweepular.

Tweepular (free) can display various information about your Twitter account such as: Mutual Follow Love (people who you follow and they follow you back), No Follow Love (you follow them but they don't follow you back), Tweeps Only Following Me and so on.

On the "No Follow Love" tab, you will see a complete list of the Twitter users who you are following but they don't follow you back, and you can manually select each user you want to stop following, or select them all and click the unfollow button to bulk unfollow everybody who doesn't follow you back.

bulk unfollow

Tweepular is probably the most reliable service for this job that I've tried so if you ever want to use such a tool, you should give it a try!

Please note that obviously, for Tweepular to work pretty decent, the Twitter servers must also work at a decent capacity, so I suggest using Tweepular when the Twitter servers are not overloaded.