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unfollow notify twitterTwitter notifies you about the people who start following you, but for some reason, they don't notify about who unfollows. Luckily, SocialToo can notify you when someone unfollows and it's not so obtrusive as the Twitter notifications so you only receive one email a day. But that's not all SocialToo can do: it can also notify you about who starts following you, so you can create a filter for the Twitter notifications or turn them off, and only get one email a day in which you get to see who started following you and who stopped following.

A new option can can block auto-generated direct messages that other services send. All you need to do is provide your Twitter password (because those services require it), check this box and hit submit. You'll get a dm from "OptMeOut", but you do not need to respond or unfollow the OptMeOut user - we'll do it all for you! Simply check this box and you're done!

Other options include:

* Unfollow everyone who unfollows me
* Automatically follow those who follow you on Twitter:
* Unfollow based on filters, like "Unfollow if users unfollow you within X day(s) after you follow them."