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[Linux (Gnome) only]: Lucast @ Gnome Look has created a script which uses my NatGeo wallpapers download script to get all the wallpapers for 2009 (~170 wallpapers) from the National Geographic website and then it creates a .xml file similar to the Cosmos wallpaper set in Gnome 2.28 which you can then use to automatically change your wallpaper every 29 minutes.

I have checked the script and is malware-free so it's safe to use!

To install it, download the script from Gnome-Look, place it in a new folder, make it executable:
sudo chmod a+x /path/to/NatGeoWalls

(replace /path/to with the path to the script)
And then run it (navigate to the folder where you copied the script):
sudo ./NatGeoWalls

Give the script a few minutes to download all the wallpapers. Once it's done, right click on your desktop, select "Change Desktop Background", on the "Background" tab select "Add" and browse for "/usr/share/backgrounds/natgeo/" and select "All files" on the right so that you can select the backgrounds-1.xml file as your desktop background:

backgrounds xml

Now you can pick this as your wallpaper set:

wallpaper set