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national geographic wallpapers

I like changing my wallpaper automatically with a script (but alternatively, you can use Desktop Drapes or a similar app) every few minutes, but for that you need a lot of wallpapers.

You can already download hundreds of wallpapers with just one command but I really like the National Geographic wallpapers which are actually professional, amazing photos, so I made 2 really easy scripts which automatically downloads all the wallpapers (to date, the script will have to be modified when they add new wallpapers because the link is not fixed) from he National Geographic website.

To download all the National Geographic wallpapers from the 2008 or 2009 contests, simply download my scripts (download links at the end of the post), place them in a folder where you want to download all the wallpapers and run it like so:


Of course, don't forget to make the scripts executable first:
chmod +x natgeo2008.sh
chmod +x natgeo2009.sh

The "natgeo2008.sh" automatically downloads all the wallpapers for 1280 width screen resolution. To download the wallpapers for 800 or 1024 width screen resolution, edit the script and on top of it, replace:


The "natgeo2009.sh" script downloads all the wallpapers from the 2009 wallpaper contest but the wallpapers are only available for 1600px screen width so simply run the script as stated above (don't change anything inside the script).

Note: The script for 2008 will download 226 wallpapers, and the script for 2009 will (w)get 170 wallpapers, all from the wallpaper contest so give the scripts some time to fetch all the wallpapers.

Download the script for Linux: for 2008 wallpapers | for 2009 wallpapers

Update 1 - Mac OS X: Reader LargePig has modified the scripts for Mac OS X. Download them from HERE (those scrips use curl instead of wget).

Update 2 - Windows: Fire Onyx has sent us the modified scripts for Windows. Download them from HERE. You need wget either in your path, or in the same directory as the script.