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Some time ago, we talked about CookiePie, a Firefox add-on which allows you to use a new session so that you can log in to the same service with multiple accounts (such as multiple Google accounts, etc). But CookiePie doesn't always work and it breaks the cookies if you move the tabs around.

Multifox is another Firefox extension for logging in to multiple accounts on the same site which I like because it doesn't messes with your cookies and I was never logged out from both accounts like it sometimes happens with CookiePie.

Multifox works by adding an entry to the tabs context menu called "Open in a New Identity Profile":

Open in a New Identity Profile

and by clicking this, a new window will open so you can now log in to another account. The new windows will have a number displayed in the URL bar:


Install Multifox (don't worry about the site being in Portuguese, the add-on is in English).