Ubuntu / Linux news and application reviews.

This is the second part of the most popular Ubuntu / Linux posts of 2009, on Web Upd8. See the first part, HERE. There is also a multi-platform popular posts of 2009.

1. Ubuntu Netbook Remix Optimization Guide

pimp tux

Tips for optimizing your Ubuntu Netbook Remix netbook, including: improving the battery life, replace the Window-picker-applet with Namebar and DockBarX, tweaking Maximus, lots of Firefox optimization tips, EeePC specific optimization and so on.

2. 25 Great-Looking Compiz Emerald Themes

jimi hendrix tux

I'm gonna say it once again: Ubuntu users love Emerald! And Emerald rocks!

3. Avant Window Navigator (AWN) 0.4 Available - See What's New

The new AWN 0.4 looks amazing, and comes with 3 new styles: curved, floaty and corner (edgy). Even though it still is beta, I've seen lots of screenshots with AWN on people's desktops meaning it's not only good looking, but pretty stable too. In my oppinion, AWN 0.4 slowly kills all of it's competition (Cairo Dock, Docky, etc.) due to it's speed and lots of styles but easy configuration (as opposed to Cairo Dock for instance).

4. How To Set Up Internet Connection Sharing For Ubuntu

recycle tux

This is one of our first how-to's (notice the not so good formatting) but it still works like a charm for sharing your internet connection in Ubuntu.

5. Complete Shell Audio Player for Linux Based on Ncurses: CMus

tux teacher

Among all this eye-candy stuff, CMus (command-line audio player) comes as a surprise in this most popular Ubuntu / Linux posts of 2009, but I guess there are certain areas where people prefer functionality and speed to eye-candy.

6. Quick Previews In Gnome & Ubuntu With Gloobus

camera tux

<joking>But enough with the cli-tools</joking>, Gloobus and Cover-Gloobus are 2 amazing applications for Gnome, designed to enable a full screen preview of any kind of file in a really stylish way.

7. How To Disable IPv6 In Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala

locked tux

IPv6 is still bothering some Ubuntu users, proof is the popularity of this pretty new post.

8. sK1: Open Source Vector Graphics Editor Similar to CorelDRAW or Adobe Illustrator

mona lisa tux

sK1 is an open source vector graphics editor similar to CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator, or Freehand, oriented for "prepress ready" PostScript & PDF output.

9. How To Manually Set Up Your Wired Internet Connection in K / Ubuntu without Network-Manager

fargo tux

On a new Ubuntu install on my computer(s), I always remove the Network Manager because it just keeps breaking my internet connection, and I always manually set it up. In this guide, I basically describe how I do this, step by step, presuming there are other people having the same issues with the Network Manager in Ubuntu, such as myself.

10. Install The Proposed Community Themes For Ubuntu Karmic Koala, In Ubuntu Jaunty Or Karmic

tux world

Get all the community proposed themes for Ubuntu Karmic in one pack. You can even install them in Jaunty (and it might work with older Ubuntu versions too). This includes the following themes: Kin, Night Impression, Impression, Hanso, Turrican and the Breathe icon theme.

Tux images from Tux Factory