Ubuntu / Linux news and application reviews.

After the most popular "Multi-Platform" posts of 2009, here are the most popular Ubuntu & Linux posts - part 1 (because there are so many - but don't worry, I'll only post 2 parts). Please note that obsolete / not very up to date posts such as how to install Firefox 3.5 in Ubuntu Jaunty have been skipped (for articles which are still very useful).

1. 12 Great Gnome Themes with Ubuntu Repositories

gnome themes ubuntu

A collection of 12 amazing Gnome themes which are constantly updated and come in a Launchpad PPA.

2. Things To Fix / Tweak After Installing Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala

working tux

A list of user experience "fixes" which will make things smoother in Ubuntu (at least, they did for me). From activating Ctrl + Alt + Backspace behavior to restart X, to disabling the login sound, fixing the popping sound, enabling the icons in menus and dialogs, make the Super key bring down the Applications menu, modified notify-osd behavior and so on.

3. How to Install Themes / Emerald [Ubuntu Newbie Guide / Part 6]

emerald themes

Back when Web Upd8 was still young, we had a series of "Ubuntu Newbie Guide" posts which were ment to teach new users how things work and how to tweak the visual appearance so that hopefully they won't switch back to Windows (that was my main though initially). It appears new Ubuntu users really enjoy Emerald :-)


- 20 Great Linux / Unix Terminal Commands (Command-line)
- 10 Useful Linux / Unix Commands
- Another 10 Useful Linux Commands

ubuntu terminals

I am posting these together in the most popular Ubuntu / Linux posts of 2009 because I simply love them.

They may seem like random Linux commands / cli tools, but I actually wrote those so that I would not forget them - I use them very often and they have helped tremendously.

5. Cairo Dock 2.0.0 is Here (Dock Menu)!

cairo dock v2.0

When Cairo Dock v2.0 came out, it was the best dock in town. In the mean time, Docky and Avant Window Navigator (AWN) have started to improve but the battle goes on, with Cairo Dock v2.1 raising the standards with even more improvements.

6. What Is And How To Install Swiftfox Web Browser in Ubuntu and Other Linux Distributions


Swiftfox is an optimized Mozilla Firefox which has different builds depending on your processor which makes it much faster than the normal Firefox because that's compiled to work for everybody, but not optimized for a specific processor architecture.

7. Customize GRUB2 [ Ubuntu / Linux ]


GRUB 2 is the new boot loader which comes with Ubuntu Karmic Koala and is in charge of showing the menu that allows you to choose the operating system or Kernel version when your computer starts. This post explains how to customize it.

8. Real-Time Earth Wallpaper For Linux

Real-Time Earth Wallpaper For Linux

Once again, many thanks to Cláudio Novais @ Ubuntued for his real-time earth wallpaper for Linux. This is a simple script which displays a picture of the Earth, in real time (well, almost).

9. Speed up Firefox by mounting the profile in tmpfs (RAM) [Linux only]

firefox linux

How to mount your Firefox profile in a tmpfs partition while minimizing the downsides of tmpfs.

10. Ubuntu - Embed a Terminal into Your Desktop using Compiz [Howto]

ubuntu terminal desktop

If you don't have a lot of icons on your desktop, use some of that empty space to embed a terminal which is both great looking and useful.