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We already covered SpiderOak, but only on a quick test, because back then, I didn't see the need for another tool like Dropbox. Read on to see why Dropbox might actually not be enough!

In case you don't know, SpiderOak allows you to back up your system with the needing any cloud server hosting plans. It's an online backup, sync, sharing, access & storage solution for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, SUSE). They offer 2 GBs of space for free and you will be enjoying all of the features SpiderOak has to offer. By referring 3 friends, you can get 3 more GB of free space (1GB per person referred).

Why both Dropbox AND SpiderOak?

Firstly, because SpiderOak has a built-in automated backup system. With Dropbox, you had to either create symbolic links or run a back-up application to do the backup, but SpiderOak can do it all in just one app.

For instance, I am synchronizing my Firefox profile for my home and work computers and also transfer some files without using an USB pen drive and so on, by just placing the files in my Dropbox. With SpiderOak, I back-up my system / config files.

So if you want to simply sync files, use Dropbox, if you also want to backup important files, give SpiderOak a try.

Note: one way to use Dropbox for both file sync AND backup could be to use 2 different Dropbox instances (and accounts).

Another interesting SpiderOak feature is the way sharing works:

Even though all your data is stored encrypted, you can carefully and selectively allow portions of your SpiderOak Network to be shared (or become public) to family, friends, colleagues, or clients. You can create a ShareRoom by choosing any number of folders from several of your computers. A ShareRoom may be accessed as a unique web URL or by entering a user's ShareID and RoomKey on the SpiderOak homepage – easily allowing people you invite to view your documents, pictures, movies, and so on.

Additionally, as you make additions or edits to the folders within a ShareRoom (no matter what computer those changes are made on), the changes are automatically viewable to those who have access to the ShareRoom. This process is definitely more efficient than having to constantly upload new changes to an FTP site or resend big files via e-mail.

spideroak ubuntu

In my tests, SpiderOak was kind of slow on Windows, but then again I use Windows only at work and the PC configuration isn't that good (1GB RAM with a AMD 2800+ processor). On Linux, it seems to run pretty smooth.

If you are considering using SpiderOak, you can use my referral link: you will get 1 GB of extra space for free (I will also get 1 GB) - only works for the first 3 accounts created using this link.