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We all have plenty of people as friends on Facebook. Many of you, don't even read the feeds or are tired to check whenever somebody does something new - adds a friend, changes his status, tags a photo of someone, comments on someone's photo, plays a game or takes a test.

So the people from face.com thought of those who don't have the time to look for photos of themselves on Facebook, or wait for others to tag them.

Their first step was to launch Photo Finder, and then, the application I was telling you about, called Photo Tagger. The auto-tagging application was only available in private beta so far, webupd8.org wrote about this in July but today, the application out of the private beta, and awesome for those who have plenty of friends and no time for tagging.

Based on facial recognition technology it suggests tags for faces - for me, out of four photos only one was wrong :). I was mistaken with a friend. The other three photos were quite impressive finds, in one of them laughing with my mouth wide open and having a totally different haircut.

Face.com says the private alpha edition of Photo Tagger attracted over 30,000 users and identified 5 million faces on Facebook within three months.

To start using the photo tagger Facebook app, click HERE.