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We’re here today to talk about Google Chrome OS. We aren’t launching it today and not beta today. But we’ve made progress. As of today the code will be completely open. We’re excited to announce this.

You can view the event live, here (don't worry, it works on Linux too).

What is Chrome OS?

Live updates:

Chrome OS source code: http://src.chromium.org/

-In Google Chrome OS, EVERY application will be a web application!

-The boot process is one of the most important things. Right now Chrome OS boots in 7 seconds:

-Basically, Chrome OS is Google Chrome!

-Chrome OS will be released 1 year from now.

The first REAL Chrome OS screenshots from the Live video stream:

google chrome oschrome os

-Multiple desktops will actually be multiple Google Chrome:

chrome os

-Any application is actually an URL:

chrome os excel

-Google Chrome OS applications:

google chrome os applications

-The root partition will be read-only! This means that if you break the system, all you have to do is restart the computer and everything will be up and running again. Also great from the security point of view (but not from the end-user point of view, I might add).

-You CAN'T install Chrome OS on your machine. You will have to buy a Chrome OS machine. Also, Chrome OS does not operate on a normal Hard Disk. It will only support solid-state drives and certain types of WiFi cards.

-They are waiting for feedback from the Open Source community - you can run it today (source code is already available). But I might ask: how will it work if they said it won't work on a normal computer? We'll see...

-What you see in Chrome OS will be available in Google Chrome (the browser).

-Users can't install binaries on Chrome OS.

-Chrome OS will be able to run on desktops and laptops, etc. in the future, but for now, Google is concentrated on optimizing it for netbooks.

-Android apps will not run on Chrome OS, at least not in the near future.

That's it, the Chrome OS event has ended. Thank you for reading my live updates.

Google Chrome OS UI Concept Video

Update: Download Google Chrome OS .vmdk (Virtual Machine) Image

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