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Post updated with Megaupload download links with Chrome OS for VMWare and VirtualBox.

Mark Renouf has compiled a VMware hard disk image of Chrome OS for testing out in your virtual machine environment [via lifehacker]:

This is a ChromeOS image converted to VMware .vmdk file. It was built from instructions provided on the ChromiumOS developers site:

Built from sources retreived on 11/19/2009, following the announcement of the opening of the ChromeOS source code.

Shared user password (for sudo, etc is 'chromeos')

The image can be downloaded the Pirate Bay.

Keep in mind that Google Chrome OS might now be usable for now and that the source code has just been released yesterday.

Instructions for using the .vmdk image in VirtualBox can be found at TechCrunch.

Update: Korben (thank you!) uploaded the Chrome OS to Megaupload. There is a virtual machine disk image for VMWare and one for Virtualbox:

Download Chrome OS for VmWare (.vmdk)

Download Chrome OS for VirtualBox (.vdi)