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The first 2 Gnome panel backgrounds I'll show you have been created by Cláudio Novais (thank you for the suggestion!) and you can use them to get a glassy Gnome panel.

Here are the 2 Gnome panel backgrounds:


glassy gnome panel

To use this panel background, right click this image and select "Save image as": gnomepanel2


glass gnome panel

This second panel background works best for the bottom panel but I don't have one so that's why it looks a bit weird in my screenshot. To use this panel background, right click this image and select "Save image as": gnome panel

Both of the above two Gnome panel backgrounds are semi-transparent so they will inherit the color of your wallpaper (but the image will be darker for the panel since it's semi-transparent).

After saving the background images to your computer, to use a Gnome panel background, right click on a panel, select "Properties", on the "Background" tab select "Background image" and browse for the image you have just saved:

gnome panel properties

Do you want even more Gnome panel backgrounds?

1. There is an entire pack of Gnome panel backgrounds at Gnome Look:

gnome panels

Download all of them from here.

2. Kde like Gnome panel for Arch Linux (but should also work in Ubuntu, just extract them, set the panel height to 40px and also the width has to be of 1024px):


3. Gnome Panel Skins - cKPanels (24px) - This compressed file contains a few Gnome Panel skins/backgrounds (for 24px panels.):

gnome panel background


4. Gnome Panel red supernova background:

Gnome Panel red supernova background


5. Yet another Gnome panel backgrounds pack:

gnome panels

The screen-shot does not show all the panels!


These backgrounds do not work with some themes such as Human, but I have tested them and they work with Dust, Clearlooks, DarkRoom, etc. If the font for the theme you are using has a dark color, you can use Gnome Color Chooser to change that (among other things).