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gnome color chooser

[Linux] Gnome Color Chooser is a GTK+/GNOME desktop appearance customization tool. It can change the colors for almost anything on your desktop, including the panel colors (font, etc). Unlike applications like Murrine Configurator, this utility does not modify your original themes. This way you can keep sharing your themes without any license or naming conflicts.

* change most important colors (e.g. background, window decoration, tooltips)
* change colors and sizes of GTK+ widgets
* colorize desktop icons
* configure installed GTK+ engines and let your current theme be drawn by an installed GTK+ engine of your choice

Gnome Color Chooser can be found in the Ubuntu universe repo (if you don't know how to enable it, read here), so to install it:
sudo apt-get install gnome-color-chooser

What I like the most about this application is the ability to change the font color in my Gnome panels. I can finally have a dark color panel with white font. Besides colors, you can also modify the brightness or saturation of your desktop icons in normal or hover mode, activate or de-activate hover effects and change the size of all your icons.

And lastly, you can change the engine of some individual part of your theme, for instance: use different engine for the scorllbars, panel, progress bar, etc:

gnome color chooser