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Epidermis theme manager is an open source GTK application for managing, automatically downloading and installing themes of various types, in order to transform the look of your Ubuntu desktop, from the moment you turn it on until the moment you turn it off.

Basically, Epidermis can be used to install new themes (Metacity, GTK), wallpapers, icons, cursors, spash, xsplash, GRUB and GDM.

Version 4.0 which was released yesterday does not work for Ubuntu Karmic Koala 9.10, but version 4.0.1 fixes this.

Changes in version 4.0:

* Added support for Xsplash themes.
* Removed support for Usplash themes.
* Skin previews are displayed.
* Added autogenerate button for Epidermis Creator so that previews of pigments can be automatically created.
* Help message is displayed if no skins are installed.
* License updated to GPLv3.

Download Epidermis 4.0.1 for Ubuntu (.deb) | Download other versions or for other Linux distributions.

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