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Looking for a skin compatible with the latest version of Foobar2000 (1 beta) music player? Then you should try Kameleon which, even though it was built for Foobar2000 0.9.4, 0.9.5 or 0.9.6, it still works with the latest version.

As a proof, here is a screenshot I have just taken with my Foobar2000 player using the Kameleon skin:

kameleon foobar2000 skin

It doesn't look 100% the same as the screenshot on Kameleon skin website, but that's because I don't have the album covers in my music folders. Also, on my computer, the lyrics plugin fails yo find any lyrics but maybe that's a temporary issue with the lyrics database.

Download the Kameleon Foobar2000 skin (see the installation instructions on the website!).

If you are looking for more Foobar2000 skins, take a look at this post (although probably many of them don't work with later Foobar2000 versions).