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Remember the 5 Google Wave invitations contest for Web Upd8 readers?

Like I told you, today I am announcing the winners. You can watch the draw in the video below:

You might have noticed there are 8 winners instead of 5. That's because I didn't give all my invitations yet so I could spare some more.

In plain text, these are the winners:

1. isian
2. lonic
3. pcdevil
4. feld
5. dennishojgaard
6. captainslog
7. bpollen
8. mahdi

Actually I am giving away 9 invitations. Another one will go to d0od but that's not part of the contest :)

Remember, these are nominations! There are no guarantees that the invitations will arrive. However, I already sent about 5 invitations to some friends and 4 of them arrived in about 24h. The fifth didn't so far. So, as you see, it depends on Google, not me.

If you didn't win, I'm sorry. BUT! I might give some more invitations soon! Stay tuned!

(Edit) Last moment idea: If you read this far and you didn't win an invitation: I like round numbers, so to make it 10, the first comment made with a valid Gmail address to this post gets an invitation to Google Wave.