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I'm not going to tell you the story once again. The main idea is that Web Upd8 reader rkv decided to send 11 more Google Wave invites to those which took part to our 'contest' (actually just a random draw). So even though it started as a 5 Google Wave invites giveaway, 21 invites were sent in the end.

The lucky winners which were given a Google Wave invite by rkv are:

1. vasiauvi
2. Robert
3. Jack
4. Stoker Himself
5. saurabhneo23
6. celluloid
7. alberto oliva
8. totalizator
9. Dolgion
10. Jaime
11. Ameya

Thank you all for being loyal Web Upd8 readers and a special thank you for RKV!

P.s.: sorry for yet another post on this, but I had to announce the winners.

Update: user Jack (aka Bruno) who received an invitation from Web Upd8 also decided to give 3 invitations to those who weren't lucky enough to win one. The 3 lucky winners are: