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Skylight is an application launcher for Windows that can be used to launch application, search files, look up meanings of words in online dictionaries, search Google, YouTube etc. For those familiar with this type of applications, Skylight is very similar to Blaze or Gnome-Do.

After installing the application, a small icon will show up in your tray bar. You can run the application either by clicking the icon, or by a hot-key combination (the default one it Alt+Space). It works quite quickly, despite the fact it uses over 70.000K out of the Memory Usage.

You can start by typing the name of the application you want to launch and it will generate a drop down list with all the programs matching your search criteria (as you can see in the screenshot above).

If you want to search for a file, a word in the dictionary, or search YouTube, you have to click the extreeeemly small arrows in the left (when not selected they have the same colour as the background so you'll have to really want to find them).

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Skylight also understands acronyms, missing letters and typing errors. This allows you to type any letters that are be in the name of the program you are looking for and Skylight will find it.

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Main Features

- search inside any document, e-mail or notebook
- inline calculator
- folder browser with filtering
- YouTube search
- send e-mail (using default application)
- built-in text to speech converter

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