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Blaze is an application launcher, like Launchy or Gnome Do, for Windows only, but unlike thouse 2, Blaze is not a common application launcher. Yes, Blaze has the ability to index all your applications so you can easily launch them and it also allows to browse the web and the files on your computer.

But - and here is where the interesting part comes in - Blaze has the power to automate recurrent tasks. Here is how it works: Blaze watches silently in the background, waiting to observe you performing repetitive tasks. When it spots something, Blaze will alert you and offer to create an action to handle the task next time.

File-system Automation

If Blaze comes up with a suggestion which is not what you were looking for exactly, you can tweak the suggestion to your liking before giving Blaze a go ahead to perform it. You can click on the arrows to cycle through the various suggestions that Blaze has to offer, you can increase or decrease the number of repetitions that should be performed, you can control the speed with which the automation is performed allowing you a chance to jump in if something is not right.

Another great Blaze feature is that is able to understand typos therefore, you don't have to be so careful while typing a command:

Launch Firefox

Just like with Launchy or Gnome Do, you cannot fully understand exactly what this application does until you actually use it.

Blaze is free, open-source and works on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, in both 32 and 64 bits versions. It also comes with a portable version but you still need .NET Framework 3.5.

Download BLAZE

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