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Skitch is a Mac-only screenshot taking application. Think of it as an Mac alternative for the popular Windows screenshots (with annotations) application: FSCapture (my personal favourite).

Basically, any application designed for taking screenshots can do that, and the difference is made by the extra options such as easily highlighting some text, adding arrows and so on, and at this, Skitch is the best I've seen. You can even call it a lightweight image editor because it can be used for that too.

To understand exactly, what I'm saying, take a look at the following image (Credits: maketecheasier):


There are basic drawing tools at the left vertical bar such as pencil, rectangle, fill, text, and arrow; there are additional tools at the right vertical bar such as color picker, undo and clear buttons; file name and file info at the bottom bar, webpost button and settings also at the bottom; Settings button, Photos button (to open any image from the hard drive), Save button, and History button (to view recently captured images) are all at the top bar.

You can save the image to your computer or on the web. The default setting is for Sketch website (using the account you registered when downloaded Sketch), but you can easily add other websites. There are several options here ranging from MobileMe to FTP to Flickr.com.

Get Skitch.