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We've seen Fireofx 3.7 and 4.0 mockups for Windows, but let's take a look at some more mockups, but this time for Linux and some more info on the future of Firefox.

Firefox 3.7

firefox 3.7 linux

Firstly, there were some changes made to the icons, so now there will be the same icons used on all Linux distributions (and all other platforms too - Windows and Mac OSX). Also, some changes have been made to the tabs appearance which should now incorporate a loading bar.

Besides the appearance, Firefox 3.7 should also provide bookmark sync functionality, optimization for even faster loading web pages and so on. You should be able to install extensions without restarting Firefox.

Moreover, Mozilla will integrate the Prism technology into Firefox 3.7, so you should be able to start a website as an application. Does this mean that each tab is loaded as a different process, Chrome style? We shall see.

Some more Firefox 3.7 mockups for various Linux distributions / display managers / themes:

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Firefox 4.0

firefox 4.0 linux

Everyone knows Mozilla is already working on Firefox 4.0. One of the things they are most interested in, for Firefox 4.0, is ergonomics, which actually makes sense when you look at the difference between Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome:

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Unlike Firefox 3.6 or 3.7, Firefox 4.0 will be presented as a major update to the browser. This is the Firefox version when the bookmarks (and not only!) synchronization application which is currently available in Mozilla Labs called Weave should be fully integrated into Firefox.

Also, the Extension Manager will be fully reviewed, Jetpack will come as a part of Firefox (a tool for easier extension integration based on web 'languages' such as HTML / CSS / JavaScript) and finally, TraceMonkey JavaScript engine will be further improved.

You can find a complete roadmap, here.

If you want to make Firefox 3.5 look like Firefox 4.0, see THIS article.