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Firefox 3.5 is still warm, but those crazy kids at Mozilla are already working on future versions of the browser. This weekend the team posted an image on the Mozilla wiki showing a mockup of 3 new potential features for the Windows version Firefox 3.7:
  1. Toolbar and tabs using Windows Vista and Windows 7's Aero Glass effects, including glossy, translucent buttons
  2. Page button on the left side of the tab area with options connected to the page
  3. Tools and Bookmark bars on the right side of the window that you can use to toggle the bookmark menu or customize the user interface
This is just a mockup, and it's possible that only some of these features will be in the finished product. Or none of them. You can also see a conceptual picture showing the browser with the page and tool buttons but without the Aero Glass effects and another set of images showing what the Windows XP version of the browser might look like.

[via Mashable]