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opera 10.10 betaToday, just a few days after the release of version 10 of its desktop browser, Opera already released a new beta version of the next iteration of its flagship product. This version includes a few bug fixes, but most importantly, it also enables Opera Unite, the hyped and then quickly forgotten browser-based web server that Opera announced in June.

Here is what Unite really does: it allows you to easily turn your desktop into a web server and run a number of web services like photo-sharing, file-sharing, messaging, a forum, a web server, or an online media player right from your machine and access all of these services from anywhere. You can set your services to be either publicly available for everybody on the Internet, password protect them, or make them just available to you when you a logged in with your Opera credentials. To share a folder on your computer, all you have to do is select it in Opera and give the link to whom you want to share that folder with. The person you are sharing the folder with doesn't need to have Opera to access your files!

I only tested Opera 10.10 Beta on Ubuntu so far and I must say it runs quite well, except the Notification Area icon which doesn't have a transparent background.

Download Opera 10.10 Beta