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The following post will explain how to replace the video thumbnails for their IMDB images, like so:

imdb thumbnails movies nautilus thunar

Please note that I wasn't able to make this to work, it seems some package on my computer prevents it from working, but I read it on many blogs and it seems to work for almost everyone, so it will probably also work for you. Update: Actually, I got it to work by cleaning my Nautilus thumbnails cache using BleachBit:

nautilus imdb movies

That being said, here's what you need to do:

1. For this trick, we will use imdb-thumbnail, a package available in both rpm (Fedora, Red Hat, etc) and .deb (Ubuntu, Debian, etc) packages. If you don't use one of these distributions, there is also the tar.bz2 package. Download the package suited for your distro from these links and install it.

2. Now, let's configure it. Open a terminal and:

a) If you use Nautilus:
imdb-thumbnailer --set-nautilus

b) If you use Thunar:
imdb-thumbnailer --set-thunar

3. We also need to edit some config files. Run the following command:
gedit ~/.imdb-thumbnailer/config

And change the contents like so:

Replacing /path/to/your/movies and so on, with the exact path to the folder where you keep your movies. You can add as many lines as you want, but remember to increase the numbere between the brackets with each line.

4. Finally, the last file we need to edit:

gedit ~/.bashrc

And paste this at the end of the file:
alias imdb-up='find /path/to/your/movies/* -type f | while read -r line ; do imdb-thumbnailer -u "$line" ; done'

Again, replace /path/to/your/movies/ with the exact path to your movies folder.

[Credits: elsoftwarelibre, bitelia]