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Smoothscroll - Chrome/Chromium Extension adds a "smooth" scrolling behaviour to Google Chrome/Chromium. When browsing ruthlessly through pages, smooth scrolling really helps as it feels more natural and makes the page movement fit well with the motion of your eyes.

I suggest GUI Google Chrome Extension Manager for managing your Google Chrome extensions.

You can get Smoothscroll - Chrome/Chromium Extension from HERE.

In case you don't know how to install a Google Chrome extenstion (please note that you need the latest dev build for this):

1. Edit the current shortcut you use to open Google Chrome / Chromium by right clicking it and selecting properties from the available options.

2: In the new window that opens up, navigate to the Shortcut tab and add –enable-extensions to the end of the line preceded by a space in the target box, as shown in the screenshot above.

3: Click Ok to close the properties window.

4: Close all open chrome windows and re-launch the application by double-clicking on the shortcut.

[via techie-buzz]