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gui google chrome extension manager

Once Google Chrome extensions started to emerge (such as: an extension for Twitter, mouse gestures or Google Bookmarks extension), there was a need for a Chrome extension manager and since Google Chrome does not provide this by itself, some applications for handling Google Chrome extensions were released. The first such tool was build quite some time, but it's command-line so many people are not comfortable with that. But I have recently found a visual Google Chrome extension manager for the people who prefer GUIs. Once you run the application you are in complete control over the extensions in Google Chrome: you can enable or disable, delete them, etc.

The visual extensions manager also has an option to backup and restore your Google chrome profile which is also very useful. There is one downside to this application (for some people): it requires .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 to run.

One last thing: it also works for Chromium - you can change your browser location and the application will detect if you selected Google Chrome or Chromium.

Download Google Chrome Extension Manager

[via techie-buzz.com]