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Easy Peasy is a Linux distribution also known as "Ubuntu Eee", an independent project not affiliated in any way with Canonical / Ubuntu or Asus / EeePC which firstly had the name "Ubuntu Eee" but later renamed to "Easy Peasy" to avoid trademark issues.

What exactly is Easy Peasy Linux? Here is what it's developers have to say:

Your netbook is not your typical laptop, so why should you use a typical laptop interface? The Netbook Remix interface allows fast access to all your favorite programs all from one place. Never again will you have to hunt through menus to find what you need.

Basically, Easy Peasy is an operating system optimized for netbooks. It favors the best software available by delivering Firefox with Flash and Java, Skype, Google Picasa, Banshee, codecs (ie. mp3) etc. out of the box. easypeasy 1.5 is our latest stable release and was released September 7th, 2009.

Among the changes in version 1.5:

* Linux kernel 2.6.30 optimized for netbooks.
* Support for most netbooks.
* Many software updates (Google Picasa, OpenOffice 3.1 etc.).
* It is based on Jaunty (Ubuntu 9.04)
* Ext4 file system by default.
* UXA by default default.

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Download Easy Peasy 1.5 | via ubuntu tips