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[Linux] From the same author as Gloobus, the amazing files preview applications which we recently covered, comes yet another great application: CoverGloobus, which is an audio player controller that sits on your desktop and can display the album cover, lyrics, etc. (similar to Rhythmbox Cover Art Plug-in).

CoverGloobus supports the following audio players: Banshee, Rhythmbox, Listen and Songbird.

You can also use it with Exaile, by downloading this file, extract it to the Players folder in the CoverGloobus directory and then add:
from Exaile import *
to CoverGloobus.py, on line 49 (just use gedit and you will easly see which that line is, because the lines are numbered).

CoverGloobus features:

-audio player controls
-album covers are automatically downloaded and displayed
-middle click CoverGloobus to display the lyrics for current playing song
-ratings system
-multiple skins

covergloobus desktop pantera

How to use CoverGloobus

1. Download CoverGloobus from HERE and extract the archive contents to any folder.

2. Open a terminal and navigate to the folder where you extracted CoverGloobus. Then, type this:
This will open the CoverGloobus configuration dialog. You can now choose which theme CoverGloobus should use, the position it should star in, and what audio player you are using.

3. Now you can start CoverGloobus. Again, use the terminal to navigate to the folder where you extracted it, and run it using the following command:

4. Optional: you can create a script which will automatically open CoverGloobus when you power-up your audio player, and kill it when you close your audio player. Here's how (the following example is for using CoverGloobus with Banshee; you can replace Banshee with Rhythmbox, etc):

-create a new, blank file, let's call it banshee_cg.sh and paste this:

/path/to/CoverGloobus/CoverGloobus.py &
banshee-1 --redirect-log --play-enqueued %U
kill $CoverGloobusPID
where you need to replace /path/to with the path to the CoverGloobus folder; the whole banshee-1 --redirect-log --play-enqueued %U line with the command to start another audio player such as Rhythmbox, if you don't plan on using Banshee.

-save the file, open a terminal, navigate to it's folder and make the script executable with this command: chmod +x banshee_cg.sh

-now you can open the script either by double-clicking it, or thtough a terminal: sh banshee_cg.sh