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Moon Buggy

Moon Buggy gtk 2.x theme

Moon Buggy Alpha runs on Jaunty using the murrine engine 0.90.3. Optionally for increased contrast and definition use the included "gnome color chooser" theme file .gnomecc.

Comes with:

GTK 2.x theme
Firefox userchrome.css

ChromeLooks 1.4-stable

ChromeLooks gnome ubuntu theme

Comes with a GTK 2.x theme, GDM theme, icons and X11 mouse theme.


simplearch gnome theme

Theme based on the Arch linux website colors. Also includes a *Slim* version and Emerald theme.

clear-blue and 7 color

clear-blue and 7 color ubuntu gnome theme

Includes 8 colors: blue, gray, ink blue, slategray, firebrick, darkred, darksteelblue, teal.


Krush gnome theme

Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan Kareem gnome theme


Logic ubuntu theme


AnimaNera gtk 2.x theme

Comes with an Emerald theme.

Font Zero Threes: http://www.urbanfonts.com/fonts/Zero_Threes.htm

Icons: http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/LaGaDesk-BlueNight?content=109343


IANE gnome theme


dark star gnome theme

You can find a lot more Gnome / Ubuntu themes, right here, on Web Upd8.