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Remember the OpenOffice.org prototype? Now you can try the Renaissance Impress (thanks to Gnu/Linux Atelier for the link) without any installation (but you do need Java installed). Remember that this is just a prototype, only to be used to see how it looks.

openoffice renaissance

That being said, you can download the Impress prototype from HERE. After running Impress, you will notice a window where you can change between different variants of scrolling toolbars or fixed label toolbar (see image above).

I played a bit with it and I must say that yeah, it does copy MS Office ribbon, but it's definitely an improvement over the old OpenOffice interface (I know a lot of you are fond of the old looks and probably don't want change, but change is not always bad...). For instance, I really liked the 3D slide show:

openoffice renaissance impress 3d slideshow

Have you tried the Impress Prototype? What do you think?