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MyBashBurn is basically a Terminal User Interface (TUI) frontend for Bashburn script (it always had a bad interface) for Linux, which is a complete solution for burning or ripping CDs and DVDs. MyBashBurn uses dialog boxes/functions which draws (using ncurses) windows onto the screen.



MyBashBurn features:

  • burn data Cds,
  • burn music Cds
  • multisession Cds
  • burn and create ISO files
  • burn bin/cue files
  • create mp3s, oggs and flac files
  • supports burning DVD-images and data DVDs,
  • and other options

Also makes use of advanced and extensive regular expressions for the control of the capabilities of backend applications to burn and create audio files. MyBashBurn depends on cdrecord and other backend applications, so basically if your writing device works with it, MyBashBurn will work flawlessly.

Download MyBashBurn (available files: Ubuntu .deb, rpm and source files).

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[via http://fausto23.wordpress.com]