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centerim screenshots

CenterIM is a lightweight IM client for Linux. Actually, CenterIM is very but very lightweight because it runs in a terminal, but still it has almost all the features you may want in a instant messaging client. It supports all the major protocols such as MSN, Yahoo, AIM, IRC, Jabber, etc. and also it has a built-in RSS feed reader.

To install CenterIM in Ubuntu, type this in a terminal:
sudo apt-get install centerim
For other distros, see CenterIM download page.

And then to run it, type centerim in a terminal.

You can now proceed to setting up your accounts and so on which is very easy except for Google Talk users, who need to set this:
Server: talk.google.com:5223Secured: yesLogin: yourusername@gmail.comPassword: yourpasswordPriority: 4Request receipts: noSend OS info: yesOpenPGP key: none
To enter these settings, Go to Accounts > Jab and enter your username and after that, a bunch of settings will be displayed and you can change them.

You will then see the normal contact list window in the left, the chat window in the upper right part of the screen and at the bottom you will see the keys you need to press in order to perform an action:


CenterIM may look like a geek-only tool, but the fact is that this little application is very well designed (if I can use that word given the fact that it runs in a terminal :P) and easy to use and, of course, it uses very few system resources.

[via junauza]