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google chrome session saver

Session saver Google Chrome extension is a session manager that lets you save, restore and manage multiple sessions, kind of like the built-in session restore in Firefox. What that means is that when you save a session, all your tabs are saved and they can be restored later so that you don't have to bookmark the opened websites before you close Google Chrome.


* Saves all tab urls for all chrome windows.
* Saves multiple sessions with custom names.
* Loads all urls from saved session to current window in new tabs.
* Can view all urls to copy/paste from.
* Can save tabs just for current window.
* Can close saved tabs.

Once you install the Session Saver extension, it will add a save icon to the status bar.

save google chrome session

When you click on the save icon it will popup a new window where you can specify a name and save the current session to disk. To restore sessions click on the save icon and select the session you want to restore and click on the load button.

Please note that this extension will not restore tabs from when Google Chrome crashes (because it doesn't automatically saves the session). But you can still achieve this. All you have to do is run Google Chrome with the –restore-last-session parameter (create a new shortcut and add the –restore-last-session in the "Command" field in Linux or in the Target text box in Windows - step by step details for Windows users can be found here).

Download SessionSaver | via techie-buzz