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Chrome lacks a basic feature to alert users when they are closing multiple tabs at once, in the past I have been a cruel victim of this so called lack of feature when I have closed a Chrome window with 20 tabs and painfully sifted through the history to open each of them back again, however looking at this post on their Code threads, I do believe that they are not going to add this option in the near future.

How To Restore sessions in Google Chrome

Step 1: Create a new shortcut to Google Chrome executable and place it on your desktop or any other place, you can directly create a new shortcut by navigating to the directory Chrome installs itself in, right clicking on the Chrome executable and selecting Send To –> Desktop (create shortcut) option.

Step 2: Edit the shortcut you just added to the desktop, by right clicking on it and selecting properties, go to General and rename the shortcut to something sensible, preferably Restore Google Chrome, so that you can easily recognize it. Do not close the properties window yet.

Step 3: Click on the shortcut tab and add this parameter to the end of the text in the Target text box


(preceded by a space). Once you have done this, click on the Ok button to save your changes.

The next time you accidentally close Chrome or it crashes on you and does not give you an option to restore your session, click on this shortcut you just created and it should open up all the tabs that were open in the last session.

This is really a annoyance and there is no reason why Chrome should not be adding this feature to the user interface in the first place, however like always there are things which can be used to get out of situations.

Just a note here, the restore sessions will only work if there are no instances of chrome running, if you open the shortcut you just created, it will result in a new chrome window opening with a blank tab or the homepage you have set up to open.

[via techie-buzz.com]