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Remember Nimi Visuals? It's an eye candy program for Windows XP, Vista and 7 users that allows you to add various effects like glow, transparency, and so on to Windows, Taskbar, Startmenu, etc.

nimi visuals

Version 10.1 comes with 100+ new features such as:
  • Desktop scripting - which allow User to turn their desktops into interactive HTML based field through scripts using JavaScript and Nimi Bastet scripting frontend
  • Repositories support - which allows to install scripts, plug-ins and even 3rd part customization software. Moreover it make it easier to keep it updated
  • Support for 3rd part customization software - both installing and running directly from Nimi Visuals
  • Synergy between both cores - classic and mirage can swap their functions for better performance
  • New effect types - on window creation and destroy, and on window state change
  • New graphics engine - allowing advanced graphics post processing, short named "nimioru", as well as handling tasks as retrieving window thumbnails(now supporting window themes for DWM capable systems)
  • Multi-monitor support for some effects - effects like edge snap, maximize have now better compatibility with multi-monitor workspaces
  • Suspend switch in menu - allowing to temporary suspend effects
  • New effect management - effects are grouped into categories
  • Quick search - now You can find effects by their name or description
  • Faster load time and better performance - thanks to core optimizations and effects architecture as well as detection methods

And new effects are:

  • window opaque on mouse over - only window in which area is mouse hovering is opaque, rest is transparent
  • invisible desktop - desktop is only opaque when focused
  • minimize non-active windows - which minimize windows that aren't focused
  • fluid windows - make windows behave like being made from fluid
  • smooth wallpaper - smooths wallpaper
  • fluid wallpaper - make wallpaper look like being made from fluid
  • taskbar reflection - which casts desktop reflection on the screen
  • transparent menu popups - which turns menu popup list transparent
  • window edge warp - which warps window to opposite screen side when moved outside it's edge
  • aurora fade - which fades window in aurora alike lights on their creation and destroy
And a lot of updates.

Download Nimi Visual 10.1

[via askvg.com]