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Nimi Visuals is an eye candy program which can add various effects to your Windows Desktop. It supports Windows XP, Vista and 7. It should also support Windows 2000.

It adds various transparency effects, shadow effects to windows, taskbar, etc. Following is a screenshot of Windows 7 taskbar having Shadow and Blurred background with the help of Nimi Visuals:

And a video:


New effects and existing updates:

  • "Window snap"-snapping windows to each other and screen edge
  • "Edge maximize" - maximizing windows when moved outside screen edge
  • "Invisible desktop" - hiding desktop icons when desktop is not focused
  • "Showcase" - with better rendering, changed to Win+Tab switch activation

And version highlighted effect:

"Taskbar and start menu blur" - providing transparent taskbar and startmenu with blurred background designed for non-DWM capable systems.

Transparency effects, with fading

  • Desktop shadows - turn all windows transparent and click-through when desktop is selected. Holding mouse with button pressed over transparent window activates it again.
  • Window fading in on creation - fade in window on it's creation
  • Contrast screen - creates contrast between active and non-active windows
  • Taskbar and start menu transparency(no fading)
  • Ttransparency on window move and resize

Jelly effects

  • Window kinetics - window will its momentum during move
  • Jelly windows - deform window shape depending on direction of its move in wobbly style
  • Jelly bounce - Makes window bounce on activation

Illusion effects

  • Creation sparkle - creates sparkle on titlebar at window creation
  • Contrastful windows - decrease saturation of non-active windows.


  • Window quiver - minimizes or restore non-active windows on active window quiver movement
  • Window snap - maximizes window to half-width of screen when it's left more than half outside screen
  • Picture wallpaper-board - generate wallpaper filled with random images from User picture folder or Nimi folder in application data folder
  • Picture highlight - generate wallpaper containing one image from User picture folder, highlighted on adapted background
  • Screen frost - cover wallpaper under ice.