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GIMP, despite it's interface, is the best open-source image editor. But often all you want to do is simply resize a picture or a similar minor task and for that you could use an application such as mtPaint which has a lot of great features such as:

  • Quickly transform image gamma, brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, posterize from a single dialog, and preview the results in real time.
  • Apply various effects such as invert, greyscale, isometric transformations, edge detect, sharpen, unsharp mask, soften, Gaussian blur, emboss, bacteria.
  • Use gamma correction on effects to improve the quality of various effects.
  • Crop at the touch of a button.
  • Resize the canvas.
  • Rescale the canvas, enlarging or reducing, using several filter methods.
  • Tools to shuffle pixels, flood fill, draw straight lines, smudge, clone, paste text, draw/fill rectangle/ellipses.
  • And many others.

This image editing application isn't an advance tool, but it's not a basic one either, so you might really enjoy it.

mtPaing runs on Windows and Linux. It even comes with pre-build .deb packages for Ubuntu.

Download mtPaing