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Sorry for the delay, I was out of town for about 2 days. Anyways, here is last week's top 10 most visited posts:

  1. Create Presentations and Tutorials in Windows and Linux with Wink
  2. Hooray, I Have Finally Found a Replacement for Amarok
  3. 50 Great Looking Gnome Themes
  4. DockbarX: Experimental Dockbar for Linux
  5. Docky: Move it To the Top of the Desktop, Add a MacOSX-like "Genie" Effect and Customize the Icons Zoom
  6. 30 Funniest Tux Icons
  7. Banshee 1.5.0 Has Been Released!
  8. Go-OO is an Improved OpenOffice
  9. Ubuntu Moblin Remix was Officially Announced
  10. Make Qt / KDE Applications Integrate Better with Gnome

Previous weeks top posts.

One note: all the posts in "Last weeks top posts" are written in that week, so it's not an overall most visited posts list.