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QGtkStyle makes your Qt/KDE programs look similarly to GTK ones. But there were no easy .debs for a long while so I searched everywhere and found deb files for Ubuntu on the ubuntuforums. They aren't top-notch quality, but they've been tested on several machines, and they do work. (If you can make better quality ones, please let me know).

To see exactly what I'm talking about, take a look at the two screenshots below:


If you're on Ubuntu, install this: click, and download gtkstyle-unofficial-0.1-i386.deb - pick the package you need depending on which Ubuntu you run.

If you do not use Ubuntu, you will need gtk2-x11-dev packages in addition to Qt 4.4. Provided you have already installed Qt 4.4 and GTK2 correctly, all you should have to do is this:
svn co svn://labs.trolltech.com/svn/styles/gtkstyle

cd gtkstyle/

qmake && make

sudo make checkinstall

How to use it:
After you finished the installation, go to System - Preferences - Qt4 Settings, and choose GTK for the GUI style. Then press File - Save.

That's it! Your Qt and KDE programs should now take on the look of your GTK theme.

Credits: Vadi user @ubuntuforums.org