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Yesterday I was telling you about an application called Juking AIR which allows you to listen to Last.fm without limitations and that is a great app but it just eats a lot of my processor (like 60-70%) so I search for an alternative and found UltraSurf.

web upd8

UltraSurf is a portable Windows application that lets you surf the web anonymous. You just have to download it, run it and enter this in the proxy settings of the last.fm client (of if you are using a Firefox addon to listen to Last.fm, you can enter it in your Firefox proxy settings).

Http proxy
In the proxy field: localhost
In the port field: 9666

After opening the application you will see 3 servers with the first one checked. I didn't search for the country of the last 2, but the first one it's from USA so that means you can use it to listen to Last.fm for free.

UltraSurf comes in 2 flavors, the above application and a Firefox addon which I haven't tested yet but it would be great if it would run on Linux too (I'll test it tonight).