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Juking AIR is a Japanese Adobe AIR application and therefore cross-platform that combines YouTube videos with Last.fm radio and it seems immune to the limitations for free users recently imposed by last.fm so you can play the last.fm radio for free. The application allows moving back and forth freely through the songs while simultaneously see the video in question.

On the main window there are two small buttons on the top which can open the list of songs based on your search and the other one will open a tag cloud.

You can also specify a color theme (in the Preferences). There is just one option missing from this great application: the scrobbling of the songs.

To install the program, you must visit the site and and you will find the usual Adobe Air box from which you can install it by clicking on 'Install Now'. Obviously, if you don't have Adobe Air installed, you must install it first.

Because it's website is Japanese, there aren't a lot of people that know about this application so it may continue to work for a long time - i really missed the Last.fm free radio until I found AIR Juking and with this application I can continue using it.

[via bitelia.com]