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Many of you have probably been adjusting Windows' half-open connection limit since Windows XP. It's widely regarded as one way to help increase the speed of your torrent downloads.

If you're running Windows 7 beta (or one of the plethora of leaked post-beta builds), Half-Open Limit Fix is a small, portable utility that is compatible with your OS and will patch your tcpip.sys in just a few clicks.

Download the application, launch it, and click the button for your preferred language - nearly a dozen are supported. Most sites recommend using 50-100 and the program will default to 100. If you want to, change it - otherwise, just click add to tcpip.sys and reboot.

Once Windows has loaded again you can head to your torrent app's configuration screens and adjust your connection preferences to utilize the new half-open connection setting (how to set up uTorrent for faster downloads).

[via downloadsquad]